Basic Antivirus Suite Features

Learn more about the main security features of Segurazo's Basic Antivirus Suite, with a single look below.

no img SECURE

Cutting-edge security feature offers real-time protection of private and important data against existing and emerging malwares.

no img FAST SCAN

Built-in Fast Scan technology performs a swift scan of stored data for active and potential damaging viruses that threaten your security.


Classifies and isolates potentially harmful threats in system so that they do not spread or infect crucial system data.

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Basic VS Pro

Compare between features of Segurazo's antivirus suites listed below, to know which one best aligns with your preferences.

Features Basic Pro

Scans PC directories to identify and eliminate security threats.

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Optimizes PC performance

Remove hidden junk, free up disk space, and speed up your computer.

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Real Time Protection

Provides cutting-edge, real-time protection of vital data from malicious threats.

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Privacy Protection

Comprehensive protection of classified passwords and privacy of your digital data.

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Ransomware Protection

Segurazo's advanced ransomware protection detects and neutralizes a ransomware attack.

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Web Protection

Automatically blocks unsafe websites that are prone to viruses or malwares.

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Email Protection

Targets Email links, downloads and attachments from unsafe sources to stop malicious threats.

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