Real-Time Protection

Real-Time Protection allows Segurazo to monitor your digital devices in the background to guarantee your protection against all detected threats and intrusion. Our security control tools are developed with advanced technologies to ensure the detection of even the worst threats.

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Why Real-Time Protection is important to you?

  • Background Guard

    Segurazo provides Real-Time Protection that runs in the background, blocking any malicious infection and intrusion. Manual scanning only checks files when actively running a scan but that time might prove too late to detect a malware that has infected your PC.

  • On-Access Scanning

    Real-Time Protection scans files, email attachments and installers to prevent malware gaining access to your digital devices. It even prevents downloads of harmful files that could put your privacy at risk.

  • Improve System Performance

    Malware affects system performance because it shares the system resources. Segurazo actively scans for malware and suspicious activities that might be currently running on your PC. It will be blocked and quarantined if detected.

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