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Our cyber security research experts, who are vastly experienced in information security operations, forensic procedures, & data privacy, will actively apply their expertise in implementing strategies focused on any organization's operating model, regulatory background and technical demands.

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Why Real-Time Protection is important to you?

  • Continuous Protection

    Segurazo's Real-Time Protection feature proactively protects computer systems continuously in real time, as it actively runs in the background and constantly inspects every system process for emerging threats and unknown security risk, without delaying system performance.

  • Boot Time Protection

    The Real-Time Protection includes boot-time protection, which provides advanced security level during the boot time before an operating system fully loads. It guarantees enhanced protection by allowing Segurazo's Real-Time protection to prevent any malware from functioning straightway.

  • Automatic Scan

    Segurazo's Real-Time protection mode, automatically scans downloaded files and removable media on computer systems for malware and suspicious activities while also scanning both active and inactive installed programs on systems, so as to ensure that they're not malicious.